Manual wheelchair

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Manual Wheelchair

Manual Wheelchair hire in Mallorca with immediate attention, both for sale and for rent and we have several models such as large wheelchairs or small wheels, puncture-proof, foldable and lightweight.

Manual wheelchair

3 days…..€20
1 week €30
2 weeks €60
1 month €90

Deposit €80

Contact us

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Home delivery hotels & accomodation

We can deliver to homes and hotels, consult Wide variety of wheelchairs. We have wheelchairs for adults or children, we also have several models such as the optional wheelchair with the straight leg system to avoid bending the knee. All of them are available in our stores in Palma de Mallorca.

Small wheelchairs for rent

With Mobility Mallorca you can buy or rent a wheelchair, powerchair, mobility scooter, commode chair, bathlift, showerchair in Mallorca at the best price and with a guarantee.


We make deliveries throughout Mallorca to hotels,homes, accommodation all wheelchairs are foldable, the footrests can be removed, the size is compact, ideal for transporting in a trunk.

Product description

All wheelchairs have manual brakes on both wheels. The footrests are folded or removed just like the wheelchair, which makes it easier to transport in cars or store due to its small size.

Now with our company it will not be an impediment to leave the house, walk through the streets, enjoy a good walk.

Mobility Mallorca the premier company

We offer a high quality service, a variety of wheelchair sizes, from very narrow to large size XL models. We have specialized in orthopedic rental since 2010. We have a wide variety of orthopedic items for your well-being, convenience and comfort and also the best prices.


For all rentals you will need a DNI, Nie or Passport and a deposit in cash or by bank card.

Special wheelchair

We offer the super narrow chair with only 50cm wide to enter the bathrooms, the models for raised legs, consult.


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