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Powered stairclimber

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Powered stairclimber

Powered stairclimber, Portable stairlift rental in Mallorca without works and with rechargeable batteries. We offer different services such as stair lift rental, as well as home assistance with home up/down service.

Powered stairclimber

• 1 day….. €59
• Weekend… €110
• 7 days …..220 €
• 15 days…€340
• 1 month.. €450

Home service

• Pick up or drop off in Palma and nearby €59
• Pick-up and drop-off service €99
• Other destinations consult

Home assistance with our technicians

Without the need to rent the stair lift, we offer our home help service with our qualified staff to raise/lower the person by appointment, day and time.

Home delivery

Deliver to your home so that you can use the stair lift yourself, we will teach you how to use it, safety, how to go down and up, in case you are not qualified and could not rent because you cannot drive well or for other reasons, we will charge you the amount of €59 per displacement and instruction time.

Where to find us

Calle de Manacor nº123, 07007 Palma de Mallorca

Contact us

•  (+34)697 402 352
• (+34) 651 723 262
• We use WhatsApp

Portable stairlift

You can see by clicking through this “video” how easy it is to handle and how light the stair lift chair is to be transported by one person.

About us?
Our company specializes in orthopedic rental and removal of architectural barriers. We provide people with a wide variety of orthopedic items to make their daily lives easier.

What we offer?

We have an hospital electric beds, mobility scooter, wheelchairs manual, powerchair, cars for the disabled, patient hoists with harness, electric or manual seats for bathroom, electric bathtubs, among many other products available both for rent and for sale.

Portable stairclimber safety chair?

It is a new and safe system manufactured in the European Union with all the safety regulations in force, allowing people in need, whether temporary or long-term, to go down the stairs of their home without great expenses. The portable stair-lift chair is Disassembles into 2 parts and can be stored in a small space without disturbing.

How does it work?

The portable stair saver goes up and down the stairs thanks to its lifting system located under the wheels and can climb high steps without difficulty. It works with 12 Volt self-rechargeable batteries.

Is the stair lift safe?

Very safe, it has armrests and a seat belt on both sides, and it also comes with an inclination adjustment system. If the desired angle is not reached, the stairlift will emit a beep or a red light will illuminate to indicate to the user that You must tilt the machine otherwise the seated person will not be able to move until the correct angle is found.

Do they teach how to handle it?

Of course we always teach the person who is going to operate the stairlift how it works, where the batteries are to recharge, how to dismantle it. We always do an on-site course and we help until they have the proper use of the stairlift in hand.

Can we buy the stair lift?

We offer the rental and sale of stairlifts, and we also have our own technical service in Palma through our workshop. Stairclimbing chairs work effortlessly and rarely break down. You can be sure that purchasing a portable stairlift will be useful and long-lasting.

What other items do we offer?

Our company has been renting a wide variety of items for people with reduced mobility in Palma de Mallorca for years. We have manual wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, articulated beds, walkers, walkers, crutches, large or small detachable electric scooters, vehicles for transport wheelchairs, we install fixed stairlifts in communities of owners and individuals.

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