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Patient hoists

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patient hoists

Patient Lift

Patient hoists lifts, slings and patient handling aids are designed to make it possible for a carer to transfer someone who has limited mobility or no mobility at all to move freely from one location to another. We have 2 different models depending on the need to move come equipped with a harness.

Patient hoists (mobile hoists)

  • 1 week………€75
  • 2 weeks…..€140
  • 1 month…..€190

Patient hoists (Stand aid hoists)

  • 1 week………€80
  • 2 weeks …..€150
  • 1 month ….€190

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Patient hoists rental

we offer a range of diligently manufactured mobile hoists, or mobile patient hoists as they are sometimes known, for the safe process of hoisting (lifting) and transferring a patient who is elderly, disabled or injured. Mobile hoists are in their essence lifting equipment for disabled. Mobile hoists are ideal for users who don’t have the ability to move from one location to another without help. They also remove the manual strains on carers and provide a safer alternative to lifting using only their own strength mode, adjustable in height. Facilitates movement without any effort. A cable in the central box allows the batteries to be recharged.


Since 2010

We rent and sell all mobility aids items such as wheelchairs, shower chairs, bathtub seats, articulated beds, among many other products that we have.

Security and Guarantee

All our material meets the regulations in force, therefore user safety is optimal.

Delivery in all Mallorca

We are located in Palma de Mallorca and we travel to any corner of the island, free quote without obligation.


Power supply
2 Batteries 12v
 Max lifting weight
150 kg
 4 wheels
back wheels with brakes
 metallic structur
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0,5 m/s
remote controle
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